Course Notes – Week 1 – The Hive Equipment

Week 1 – The Hive Equipment

Need to join beekeeping association – gives you insurance, meetings and able to borrow eqpt.

Winter – feeding bees by under the top cover put a bag of fondant icing over the round hold with a cut in the plastic bag).

A colony – `1 queen with 20-80000 workers & 0-2000 drones.

Clothing – Gloves (leather or hide), Veil or jacket with veil built in, trousers and tuck into wellies.

Eqpt – smoker & fuel, Hive tool.

smoker – need fuel for example hessian sacking, wood or cardboard pellets. Rotten wood is ideal- willow trees or dried out wood ┬áthat is 2 inches long.

The National Hive – consists of

  • floor

This is not put on the floor but on a stand,- eg concrete blocks or milk crates. The stand needs to be able to taken 150lb in weight. Height of the brood chamber should be where your clinch fist is when stood straight. Floor includes an open mesh floor but you can add a ramp.

  • brood chamber

This will have 11 frames.

  • queen excluder

plastic or pressed zinc.This will come farmed but if not then just need to be aware of bee spaces

  • 2x honey super

these go onto of the brood box with the frames going in the same direction (see week 3 for cold or warm way)

  • coverboard

This could be glass to enable you to watch the bees, The holes are for where you put the fondant icing.

  • roof

Time commitment – October – March is very limited. April – July – 15 mins p hive every 7-10 days but be aware that initially it will be 1.5 hours.