Hive Building

Today was the first day associated with this new hobby that I have been dreading -I built my hive. It’s a British National.

I went to a session with CBKA who guided me through the steps in building the hive. OMG this was hard. After 5 hours of woodwork i had managed to build the brood box, 2 supers, a roof and 2 frames. Andrew who was helping me in building the hive was fabulous – he was patient with me and helped me when needed. Despite being slower than everyone and clearly not able to hit a nail straight – he took it at my pace and helped rectify any mistakes that I  made.

So we then had 29 more frames to make – Adrian took the lead and was clearly more skilled than me at this.  What felt complicated to me was obvious to him. After a Saturday evening (what fun!) and a Sunday morning they were all done. Zoey helped at times and was intrigued by what we were doing.

Thank you Andrew and Adrian…..despite wanting and trying to prove my skills i have to accept these really isn’t by forte.