Nervous Inspection

Today was the first day that I inspected the colony to see what the new queens have been up to. My bee buddy, Peter, came along to advise and guide me.

In generally is went well Рthere were some eggs although not very many and this is a positive sign. There were still some bees around and they were bringing back pollen which also indicates that they are feeding the eggs.

We didn’t manage to see the queen but Peter wasn’t too worried as seeing eggs was the main thing to look for.

His suggestion is to leave for 2 weeks and  inspect again Рhe said to expect there to be less bees but hopefully there will be more chance of seeing the queen (and marking her) as well as see more eggs and some capped brood.

So a nervous couple of weeks but his thoughts were that nature had done what it was supposed to and now need to patient (not really in my nature though).


Hatched Queens

I went and checked the colony today and 2 of the queens have hatched – this’d is a good sign. The bees were quite feisty today and clearly wanted to be left alone.

I had a look at some of the frames and think I saw the queen but it was hard to tell. Anyway to avoid loosing the queen again I put the hive back together. I now have to leave them alone for 3 weeksto guve her chance of matting and start to lay eggs

I also contacted my bee buddy who has agreed to join my inspection on the 23rd to see how the hive is progressing.

It will be a tough few weeks. Eek….