Winter preparation in progress

Over the past few weeks  I have been preparing the bees for winter. I have been feeding them sugar syrup (1kg sugar with 600ml warm water). The feeder takes 1.75lt per 4 days. This is in a empty super.

Apiguard treatment nearly done (2nd sachet added on the 30th Sept so will be removed by the 28th Oct) and mouse guard is now place.

It has been a bit stressful as I took the entrance block out to turn it round to the smaller hole. the bees didn’t seem very impressed as this reduced the number of bees hanging around the entrance but I’m sure they will thank me in the colder months. I had to lift up the brood box and bees came out the side and a few ended up getting squashed when putting the brood box down (let’s hope these didn’t include the queen!).

It has made me realise that I actually quite nervous around them, especially when doing things at the front of the hive, since the incident earlier in Sept.

So now I just need to wait until they stop taking the sugar syrup and then I can leave them alone the winter and hope they survive.