First Inspection

Today was the first inspection of the hive. Adrian helped me and Zoey watched us from the car that was parked infront of the hive.

There were a lot of bees of each frame – we inspected every frame. There were 5 frames with brood and this included eggs, larvae as well as capped brood. There are 2 frames where the comb needs drawing out. There are 2 frames that are starting to look quite back and may benefit from being replaced – i could move them to the edge of the box and move the 2 frames that still need drawing out towards the middle.  There was some nectar and capped honey so feels that they have enough food so the icing was taken off .

We decided to add the super given the number of bees and frames with brood.

A good first inspection overall. We need to number the frames again to help with documenting what we see in the hive.

We didn’t see the queen however the fact we saw eggs and larvae is a good sign. There was not an excess of drone brood but 4 of the brood frames had comb being build on the bottom of the frames – a likely place for drone brood. We re moved this to minimise the number of drone brood.


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