We did another inspection today.

Zoey again watched from the car.

Saw larvae and capped brood     There was a lot of drone brood so we destroyed the big clumps of them. Didn’t see as many eggs but this could have been because looking back I didn’t search as much.There are some of the frames that I need to move out as they are very old and dirty. I moved them to the edge and there were less brood so it may have worked.

There was a lot of bees and the whole of the outside of the brood box was covered in bees by the end – they were even hanging on the stand.

There were some practice queen cups again – swarming is likely but the extra super has helped with space.

Here are are some of Zoey’s photos.



we did an inspection today – Zoey watched from the car with uncle Adam and auntie Alesha.

We saw everything we needed – eggs, larvae, capped brood and stores. There were a few practice queen cups and to be fair a lot of bees. I think there is a chance of swarming soon. We destroyed the cups and some drone brood that was on the bottom of the frames.

The super was also nearly full of honey so decided to put on the second super.

Good inspection overall and no issues.