Sugar Syrup

1kg of granulated sugar to 630ml hot water and leave to dissolve.


Queen still in the cage

We did a brief check today – the queen was still in her cage. They had started to eat away at the end but ;limited progress. We decided to poke a hole in the candy at the end so the queen can get out as well as the bees eat some of the candy.

Once she is out we will need to start feeding the colony as the queen needs lots of food.

A look next weekend to see if we are through the worst!?

New Queen

Roy came round tonight with a queen in a cage and we briefly inserted into the colony in between 2 middle frames. Roy also added 3 frames that had some eggs as well as some brood and stores. We took the 3 worst frames out to dispose of.

He said to leave her 3-4 days and see if the bees have helped her to escape the cage. If they have then leave her and hopefully the bees will accept her.

You can then leave the colony for a week and then check to see the state of the frames and brood and hopefully there will be no more drone brood and then the colony can recover.

If this doesn’t work then there is very little to do – they have some eggs that they can covert into a queen cell and this gives the colony some hope.

The sad thing is that we had to dispose of our 3 frames that we took out. Adrian burnt them in the garden waste incinerator.

Throwing the bees!!

Tonight Roy came round and agreed to try and help with the hive.

Firstly we looked for the queen so we could remove her as the eggs and pattern was indicative with a drone laying queen. No such luck – no queen to be found.

The next try was to shake the bees out of the hive so the idea that the queen (or drone laying worker) can be removed from the colony. We threw them out by the chicken cage and then put the hive back. We removed 2 of frames that were heavily full of drone brood and little stores and added some empty new frames.

Roy agreed to try and get me a queen and to then try adding the queen to the hive and see if the bees will accept her.

They were not a very happy set of bees – could be an indicator of no queen but also it was after 7pm at night by the end!!